Sales & Divestitures

Berkshire Capital works together with our clients to understand their strategic objectives and cultural preferences. We run a focused and disciplined process and maintain strict standards of confidentiality to achieve the best possible combination of price, terms and fit for our clients.


Whether a search is focused or broad based, Berkshire Capital identifies candidates by conducting criteria screens and undertaking a thoughtful review and assessment. Our industry focus and long experience allows us to turn up potential partners and opportunities that are not obvious and where the cultural fit really works. We have a long track record of negotiating durable successful transactions.

Valuations & Fairness Opinions

Berkshire Capital has maintained a separate valuation practice since 1991. We typically perform 10-15 valuations a year, having completed over 260 since inception. We have developed a proprietary valuation methodology tailored for the asset management and securities industries, including the unique challenges that go with highly variable incentive and performance fees.

Strategic Advisory

In special circumstances, Berkshire Capital accepts strategic consulting assignments outside our traditional transaction work. While each situation is unique, such assignments typically involve issues related to a client’s business lines, strategy, ownership, product development efforts, technological requirements, capital structure, compensation plans and other areas critical to long term success.